World Test Championship Final Squad Of Indian Cricket Team

World test championship final squad of Indian cricket team.

As in the current situation, the IPL is suspended due to Covide 19 but now in England World test championship final is organized in Hampshire Bowl in Southampton by England. The world test championship will be in between new Zealand and India on 18 June 2021. Both team’s squads are selected for the final match. And both are the top teams which are playing with each other. Here we will get to know about how the world test championship is played and the Indian team squad.

ICC world test championship points table

Here is the ICC world test championship points table and how the teams have done in the world test championship. As per the rules, all teams have to play a minimum of 6 series 3 home series, and 3 away from home in the championship but due to covid 19, some teams couldn’t manage to play all the series.

But some teams have played there all the series like India England and Sri Lanka. India is at the top of the table with the 72.2 percentage and new Zealand below it with 70% and Bangladesh is at the bottom of the table.

Teams  PCT%  Points  Series  Won Mat Lost Mat Draw Mat
INDIA 72.2 520 6 12 4 1
NEW ZEALAND 70 420 5 7 4 0
AUSTRALIA 69.2 332 4 8 4 2
ENGLAND 61.4 442 6 11 7 3
PAKISTAN 43.3 286 5.5 4 5 3
WEST INDIES  33.3 200 5 3 6 2
SOUTH AFRICA 30.0 144 4 3 8 0
SRILANKA  27.8 200 6 2 6 4
BANGLADESH  4.8 20 3.5 0 6 1

Distribution of points in ICC World Test Championship

Here is how the distribution of points is done in the world test championship.

Matches in series    winning Points  Tie Points  Draw Points Defeat Points
2 60 30 20 0
3 40 20 13 0
4 30 15 10 0
5 24 12 8 0

WTC final squad of an Indian cricket team.

On 7th May BCCI selection team selected the final squad for the world test championship. And then the secretary of the BCCI has announced the team. Here is the list of the team going to play the world test championship final.

indian team squad for WTC Final

Best performers for India in World Test Championship

There are lots of best performances by the Indian players in the series. Here are the best performance of the Indian players.

Highest runs 

In the whole world test championship, only 2 Indian players cross the 1000 runs mark. And they are Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma. And Ajinkya Rahane is the topmost run-scorer. for the team India in the championship. Ajinkya Rahane scores 1095 runs till now and behind that Rohit Sharma scored 1030 runs in the championship with the highest score of 212.

Most wickets

In the championship Ravichandran Ashwin is the best bowler for the team India, he took 67 wickets till now. At the top of the table, Pat Cummins has taken 70 wickets till now. After that Stuart Broad has taken 69 wickets till now in the world test championship.

Highest score 

The Captain of Indian cricket has scored the highest individual score in the world test championship. He scored 254 runs against South Africa. But in the whole test championship, David Warner is the highest run-scorer he scored 335 runs against Pakistan.

Highest strike rate

Rishabh Pant has the highest strike rate in the Indian team he has a 69.17 strike rate in the championship. Rohit Sharma also the highest strike rate in the series. In all teams, David warner, Babar Ajam, Quinton De Kock subhuman gill have strike-rate above 60.

Most Sixes

In the test championship, ben stokes is the smashes 31 sixes after him Rohit Sharma is the second player who smashes 27 sixes till now. But the fact is that Ben Stokes has played 6 extra matches than Rohit Sharma. 

Best Bowling Figures

Ravichandran Ashwin has the best bowling figure for the Indian team in the world test championship he took 7 wickets in the innings against South Africa. If we consider for the match Axer Patel has the best bowling figures in the match he took 111 wickets in one match against England. 

Most catches 

Ajinkya Rahane has taken the most catches for the Indian team he has taken 22 catches till now. But at the top of the table of the tournament joe root the captain of the England cricket team.

Highest partnership

Rohit Sharma and Mayank Agrawal have made the highest runs partnership in the World test championship or India. They scored 317 runs partnership. In the tournament, Kane Williamson and henry Nivcholes have made the highest partnership of 369 runs.

WTC final squad of a New Zealand cricket team.

For the world test championship final, the final Newzealand also announces their teams against India at the Southampton. Kane Williamson is going to lead the New Zealand team in the final. Here is the final team of Newzealand.

New Zealand team for WTC Final

here is the summary of the world test championship final about how the Indian team performs till now. and how is going in the final of the world test championship? hope India will win the final of the world test championship final and get the trophy home.

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