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Top test India England matches every fan should know

India and  England are the greatest competitors of each other. One is England that is the creator of the game of cricket and India is now the leading country that plays cricket. These two teams are the dominant in nowadays England match one week before India defeated Australia in their country with huge domination. No one believes that India will make a comeback after the loss of the Adelaide test match in which India went all out on 36 runs in the second innings. Here we will discuss the top 10 test India England matches which are historical in the Indian test match and England test match. 

one of the finest inning by Ajinkya Rahane at lords:-

Here is the list of the top 10 test matches played between India and England.

1 Chennai 2008
2 Leeds 2002
3 Nottingham 2007
4 Ahmadabad 2012
5 Lord’s 2014
6 Manchester 1990
7 Kolkata 1993
8 Chennai 1993
9 Mumbai 1993
10 Lord’s 2011

These are the top 10 test  India England matches played till now. And many more to come. In Feb 2021 England is coming to India for the tour. In which a total of 4 test matches will be played. The first test is starting from 5 Feb 2021 here is the schedule of the England tour of India.

Now we will take a look at the above match played between both teams and a summary of all matches.

India v England at Chennai, 2008:-

india england match
India v England at Chennai 2008 summary

This is one of the great test matches played between these two teams. In this match, both of the teams showed their great game.  In this game, Andrew Strauss got a century in both the innings. Andrew Strauss scored 123 runs and in the second innings, he scored  108 runs. Along with him Paul Collingwood also scored a century in the second innings.

The Indian team is so far from the England team but In the second inning, Sachin Tendulkar played a massive knock of 103 runs along with he made a partnership with Yuvraj Singh and took team India to one of the greatest victories of India test match history.

England v India at Leeds, 2002:-

india england match
England v India at Leeds 2002 summary

This test match was played in 2002 at Leeds ground. In this match, India won by innings and 46 runs. During this match Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, both made a century, Sachin Tendulkar scored 193 runs and unfortunately missed his double hundred by 7 runs. And Rahul Dravid scored 148 runs in 307 balls. Due to his hundred, Rahul Dravid was nominated as a player of the match. 

on the England side in the first innings, Alec Stewart and Michael Vaughan made half-centuries. And in the second innings, Nasser Hussein played a massive knock of 110 runs but unfortunately took the team to win.

England v India at Nottingham, 2007:-

india england match
England v India at Nottingham 2007 summary

This test match was played in Nottingham in 2007 in which Zaheer khan delivered a great spell to take on the England team. Due to that Zaheer khan was nominated as player of the match and this is the 50th win of the Indian Test team in England. India won this match with seven wickets in hand and took a lead of 1-0 in the test series  

 In this match both Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly scored half-centuries and took team India to a big lead over England. In the second innings of England, Nasir Hussain scored a century and set a target to team India of 73 runs. Team India got that total by seven wickets in hand and took lead in the test series

India v England at Ahmedabad, 2012:-

india england match
India v England at Ahmedabad 2012 summary

England and India’s first match of the series and Indian team started great and won the match by 9 wickets. In this match both Cheteshwar Pujara and Pragyan Ojha performed really well. in the first innings, Cheteshwar Pujara scored a double hundred along with Sachin Tendulkar also scored centuries. In bowling Ojha took on England players and dismissed 5 batsmen also in the second innings he took 4 wickets. Due to a low start in the first innings, England managed to score only 191 runs and due to that Indian team gave the theme follow-on. And for the double hundred from the cheteshwar pujara, he was awarded as the player of the match. 

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England v India at Lord’s, 2014:-

india england match
England v India at Lord’s 2014 summary

This win of the Indian team over England at lords is one of the best wins. Because it’s hard to defeat the England team on their soil. 2014 Indian team made it.  In the first innings, Ajinkya Rahane score103 runs and got team India to 295 runs.  England innings, Gary balance scored a century. that inning Bhuvneshwar Kumar took 6 wickets.

In the second innings of Indian cricket, Murli Vijay gave a good start to team India. He scored 95 runs but missed his century by just 5 runs. Along with him Ravindra Jadeja also scored a half-century in that innings. When England’s second innings started only Joe Root scored a half-century and in that innings, Ishant Sharma took 7 wickets. Due to his figs, he was nominated as a player in the match. 

England v India at Manchester, 1990:-

india england match
England v India at Manchester 1990 summary

This test match is really great because in this test match the god of cricket scored his first test century and for that, he was rewarded as a player of the match. In the first innings, England scored 519 runs and 2 players of the England team scored centuries in that inning. 

Following them, Mohammad Azharuddin also scored a century in the first innings but the main part of the match was the century of Sachin Tendulkar due to his century in the fourth innings he was awarded as the player of the match. And he managed to draw the match.

India v England at Kolkata, 1993:-

india england match
India v England at Kolkata 1993 summary

The match was played in both teams at Kolkata stadium Eden gardens. in this match, Mohammad Azharuddin made a century in the first innings, and using that innings of the Azharuddin team India got a total of 371 runs. Chasing that score, England managed to get only 163 runs. Because of this Indian team gave a follow-on to the England team. In England’s second innings Mike getting made a half-century and scored 81 runs and managed to get a total of 286 in the second innings. 

After England’s, India needed 82 runs to win the match and India got the target by losing only 2 wickets and won the match by 8 wickets

India v England at Chennai, 1993:-

india england match
India v England at Chennai, 1993 summary

This match was played between India and England in 1993 in Chennai. In this match, the Indian team dominated England and beat them by innings and 22 runs. In this match, both navjot Sidhu and Sachin scored a century. Due to 165 runs, Sachin Tendulkar was nominated as a player of the match. Also, Anil Kumble took 6 wickets in the second innings of England. This series is really good for the Indian team.

India v England at Mumbai, 1993:-

india england match
India v England at Mumbai, 1993 summary

In the 1993 series Indian team was in brilliant form and all Indians did well. In this match, Graeme Hick made a century and scored 178 runs, and took the score of the England cricket team to 347 runs. After England’s innings, the Vinod Kambli made a double century and took a lead of 244 runs over England when England’s players came for chasing the score. They failed to get the total and only scored 229 runs and lost the match.

Also in this match, Anil Kumble 7 wickets and Kapil dev took 3-3 wickets in both innings. The innings from  Graeme Hick of 178 runs due to that he was nominated player of the match.

England v India at The Lord’s, 2011

india england match
England v India at The Lord’s, 2011 summary

This match at Lords was totally dominated by the England cricket team led by Kevin Pietersen who made 202 runs in the first innings and the whole England team scored 474 runs. In the first innings of the Indian team, Raul Dravid scored a century but failed to get near to the England team score. England took a lead of 188 runs. In the second innings, the England team scored 269 runs and took the lead of 457 runs over India. In the second innings of England, Mat prior scored 103 runs. And India failed to chase the target. And lost the match

These are the top 10 India and England matches that are historical. Many of the young players made their debut in the India-England match. And many records are made and broken. The special thing in those matches is that the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar scored his first century against England. now from Feb 5 new series will start hope both teams will play the best of their game and we will keep enjoying India England matches furthermore. 

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