Top malvan places to visit in summer or winter

The city of Malvan in the Konkan region is a testament to its rich history. It is a city that attracts with its beautiful beaches, Forts, and Temples. As you may know, Malvan has the sea of Goa and the beaches here are very clean. Tourism is a unique way to get rid of stress in your busy life. In such cases, most people prefer to go to the beach. When you see the grandeur of the ocean, you gradually forgot all the troubles of life and your mind is filled with happiness. This is the experience you will experience on the beach at Malvan.

Malvan is a taluka in Sindhudurg district but you said about tourism then it is bigger than taluka Because There are 2-3 talukas are come under Malvan tourism. . As you may know, Malvan has the sea of Goa and the beaches here are very clean. There is a 145 km distance from Malvan to Goa. Although there are not many facilities on the beach, there are good hotels where you can stay in nature.

Some are very good Malavan hotels where you can eat delicious Malvan Fish Curry and a good fish meal will be available in almost all the hotels but Khota,s hotel and Mayeka’s restaurant in Malvan were once very popular.

Malvan is also famous for Water Sports. You can do water sports on any beach but Specially Tarkarli is popular for water sports. You can also enjoy Malvan Scuba diving and there are many other water sports like Parasailing, Diving Water Scooter rides, Snorkeling, etc.

So let’s go now we are going to explore Malvan and especially don’t forgot to eat delicious fish dishes in Malvan. In this blog, I didn’t tell about every place but the main places are given.

Best Time to visit Malvan

The best time to visit Malvan is from December to April which means, you should go in Summer or in Winter.

Nearest Airport

Dabolim, Goa (132 km)

Nearest Railway Station

Kudal(30 km)

 How to reach Matheran

By Flight

Dabolim Airport, which is in Goa, is the nearest airport to reach Malvan, and the distance between them is 132 km. You will have to travel by car or by travels from the Dabolim Airport. It is a bit difficult to reach malvan from the airport but if you want to save time then you can go.

By Train

Malvan is a taluka and it does not have a separate station but Kudal station which is on the Konkan Railway line is the nearest station to reach Malvan. Kudal railway station is 30 km far from Malvan. You will get a bus to Malvan from outside Kudal station. State transport buses and carts are accessible for intra-city driving. You can likewise rent a private vehicle or lease a taxi for a day.

By Road

You can easily reach Malvan by road. Malvan is 460 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Ratnagiri. The NH-17 that extended from Mumbai to Goa has Kasaal along the street which is 35 km near Malvan, after which to reach Malvan must be gone by state transport. If you have a private vehicle then you can come by that vehicle otherwise MSRTC buses are also available because Konkan is connected by a road that’s why to reach Konkan most travelers travel by MSRTC bus.

Places to visit in the Malvan region:

Sindhudurg Fort

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Sindhudurg is a very big attraction for all people in Malvan. Sindhudurg is a water fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the Arabian Sea in the Sindhudurg district of Maharastra. On the island of ‘Kurate’ in the sea of Malvan, there were pure rocks, strategic location, and freshwater facilities seeing these things, Shivaji Maharaj ordered the construction of this fort. The Government of India has declared this fort as a National Protected Monument in Maharastra on June 21, 2010.

The distance between Sindhudurg fort and Malvan is around 3 km. To reach Sindhudurg fort, you have to come to Malvan Dandi beach first. You can get a ferry from this beach, but the ferry doesn’t move until 20 people arrive, so you have to wait until people arrive. You have to pay ₹ 90 for this ferry.

Sindhudurg fort has a lot to see. You can visit the fort every day and the time to visit this fort is from 10 am to 5:30 pm. You have to definitely visit this fort as it is reminiscent of the history of Marathas and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Rameshwar Temple

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Rameshwar Temple is in the Kandalgav, which is in Malvan taluka. This temple is 7-8 km from Malvan. The structure of the temple is ancient and the decoration work done inside the temple is new. Most trivia temple of malvan regarded as one of the twelfth jyotirlingas. This is one of the most gorgeous shrines of lord shiva. Temple has Boasted of long corridors, design pillar, artwork, and figuring.

The temple comprises of shiva lingas mythology belief says one was constructed by Sita and the other was bought by Hanuman. Adjacent to this temple is the Ram Mandir. Both the temples are crowded with devotees for darshan. On Monday, a large number of devotees come to take darshan.

There is a small lake in front of the temple. This lake adds to the beauty of the temple. Annual events like fairs, weeks are held here. Mainly this temple is constructed by Shivaji Maharaj before the construction of sinddhudurg fort. You can stay in Malvan and from Malvan you can go by any Local Vehicle to reach this temple.

best places in Matheran to visit in winter part 2

Tsunami Island

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Tsunami Island is 8 km from Malvan. This island is near Devbag beach where the river Karli meets at the end of Malvan. In fact, the island has been here for a long time but the 2004 tsunami brought with it a lot of sand. The tsunami gradually reduces the water but because of the large boulders on the way back, the sand remained on the island instead of going to see that’s why after this incident island was named Tsunami Island. You have to go by ferry boat to reach this island.

You can reach here from Devbag, Bhogve, Nivati but from Devbag many boats are consistently available for Tsunami Island, so Devbag is the better option. This island is for fun-filled water sports from scuba diving, parasailing, Boat ride, Bumper rides, and jet skis, etc. Tsunami Island Offer so much to adventure buff moreover the sunset views from the Sparkling White sand island.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary

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Malvan is one of the organically most extravagant waterfront areas in Maharastra. The Malvan Marine Sanctuary is very wealthy in coral and marine life.

This is a well-known marine sanctuary that has corals and wildlife, sparkling sand, and a surrounding luxuriant plantation with black-headed gulls, terns, ducks, waterfowl, Mollusks, Pearl Oysters, Polycharetes, casuarinas plantation, Labeo-Dero, Labeo-Calbasu, Labeo-Rohita, Putitor mahseer, etc. The sanctuary has about 27 species and subspecies of fish living in water because of this you can take lifetime experience of Scuba diving.

This aquatic biodiversity is one of the favorite tourist spots in Malvan. If you want to stay near Marine Sanctuary and spot amazing corals and marine animals the book akaari rest house of forest department and enjoy the best sea views. If you want to stay in a private hotel then you can stay.


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Vengurla is at a distance of 48 km from Malvan and to reach here nearest station is Sawantwadi. Vengurla is located on the southmost side of Konkan and ahead of vengurla almost start Goa. The Vengurla town is small but many places are here for tourism like Temples, Beaches, etc. If you go to the port of Vengurla, you can get a lot of fish at a low price.

You can see Vengurla beach from Vengurla port. As Vengurla is close to Goa, a lot of tourists come here. You can see more beaches in Venghurla like Sagareshwar beach, Shirola Beach, etc.

When you come to Vengurla, be sure to visit the Sateri Devi Temple. This temple is beautifully constructed and it is a big temple. There is a good parking facility for visitors. After this temple, there is Ganpati Temple in Redi. You will definitely love this temple as it is one of the top tourist places in the temple but can’t take video or photos inside the temple. If you look at it completely, Vengurla is very beautiful to see.

Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach

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The Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach is located between Malvan and Tarkarli and this beach has less commercialization. Wairy Ubhatwadi beach is at a distance of 5 km from Malvan. This beach is calm and clear. There are actually two parts to this beach.

The first part is where the fishermen come and auction their fishes. Auctions are held twice a day at 7 am and 6 pm. You can buy freshly caught fish here and at a good price. From this beach, you can get a ferry to Sindhudurg Fort.

The second part is where all the water sports take place. There are about 3 vendors here and if you are in a group then they will take lower the rate. You can also do Scuba diving here. You can sit in peace on this cool beach and no one’s voice will disturb you.

Achara Beach

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Achara village is at a distance of 20 km from Malvan. The village of Achara in Konkan is very beautiful. Achara has many places to visit like Rameshwar temple, There are plenty of resorts by the sea and you can also do water sports on Achara Beach. The village of Achara has the river Achara and the river further joins the sea. Before going to Achara Beach, you can see Achara Bay, and here you can see the beautiful coconut trees. There is also a facility to relax on Achara beach as a lot of tourists come here during the season. You will definitely love this beach.

Tarkarli Beach

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Tarkarli Beach is at a distance of just 5 km from Malvan.  This beach is a very clean and beautiful beach and the unique beauty created by the unique confluence of the bay can be seen at Tarkarli. The mind is happy to see a very beautiful beach, bamboo and betel trees. The beaches here are so smooth, clean that the beauty of the water can be seen with the naked eye. This place is definitely worth a visit to spend a quiet, relaxing moment away from the crowds.

Tarkarli beach is the only Snorkeling and scuba diving training center in Maharastra, famous for Parasailing, Diving Water Scooter rides, Snorkeling, etc. Tarkarli has a large number of hotels and resorts available to suit everyone’s budget. It is difficult for you to get the booking in season so make advance booking.

Talashil Tondavali Beach

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Talashil and Tondavali are two beautiful villages in Konkan and these villages are close to Malvan. These villages are at a distance of 18 km from Malvan. You can hardly get here in half an hour from Malvan. The villages of Talashil and Todavli are on the coast and you will get lots of fishes here.

It is better to stay here and you can also get good food here. These two beaches are very close. These beaches are not enough to commercialize so the crowd is less here.

If you are coming with your family then this is an ideal place because this place is near Achara and also near to Malvan. If you come in winter and summer, you will get to do a lot of water sports. There is also a bay here so you can get more fish here. There is a beautiful Coconut Garden Beach Resort near Talashil Beach and there are good facilities to eat and stay here. You can enjoy yourself a lot on both these beaches.

Bhogave Beach

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Bhogave beach is at a distance of 25 km from Malvan. The endless sea, Blue Water, White sand, extremely clean and peaceful, these things are enough to fall in love with Bhogavee Beach. You can call this coast the king of beaches in Maharastra. Bhogwe beach is the only beach in Maharashtra to have been selected for the Blue Flag rating for the best beaches in the world. You will fall in love with this beach as soon as you set foot on this shore. This Beach is not that much commercialized but many tourists are come here to see natural beauty.

You have to take a train which is going in Konkan to Kudal station to reach Bhogave beach than in 40 minutes you reach this beautiful beach.

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