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mahabaleshwar tourist places as a best hill station

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Mahabaleshwar Weather:-

Best Time to visit:-December – February

Duration:-3 DAYS

Nearest Airport:-Pune

Nearest Railway Station:-Satara

How to go:

1) By Airplane:-

The nearest airport to Mahabaleshwar is Pune airport, which is 131km far

2) By Railway:-

The nearest Railway Station to Mahabaleshwar is wathar(60 km) but Satara is

bigger railway station than wathar.

3) By Road:-

Mahabaleshwar is 140 km far from Pune by Road. If you go from MSRTC then the ticket

is around ₹ 300-₹ 350, you can also go by own car or cab.

mahabaleshwar tourist places as a best hill station is a good choice to go for trips. The best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is in between December to February.  Mahabaleshwar is the most popular hill station in India, which is located at the forested western ghats range, south of Mumbai. Nature gives waterfall, mountain, Trees to Mahabaleshwar There are several viewing points, such as Elephant Head Point, Lodwick Point. In Mahabaleshwar there is very much farm of strawberries, So you can buy strawberries or jam of fruits from mapro garden. West of Mahabaleshwar pratapgad fort is there.

Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar:-

1)Mapro Garden:-

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Mapro Garden is situated at gureghar village on Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road, which is around 13 km from Mahabaleshwar and 7 km from Panchgani Mapro Garden is one of the must-visit places in Mahabaleshwar because there are different types of chocolate and juices are available.  There is also a sample of different fruit juices, so you can try it, and if you like then buy it. The garden is big with different well to maintain plants. SpeciallyMahabaleshwar is also famous for strawberry, so whenever you go to mapro garden youShould try Fresh Strawberry cream.

2) Lodwick Point:-

The Lodwick point is 4km far from Mahabaleshwar city Market and local vehicles are available there. Lodwick point is 4000 ft far from sea level. Before Lodwick Point this point named Sydney Point. Lodwick point has a pole which was build here in the memory of British officer general Lodwick who had first climbed the mountains to reach this point. This pole is made by his son. This is very close to Mahabaleshwar’s main market.

This viewpoint provides a very nice view of the valleys. The different peaks in the western ghats can be seen from this place. The clean breeze from the forests in the mountain gives a soothing feeling.

3) Venna lake:-

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The veena lake was constructed by shri appasaheb Maharaj, who was Raja of Satara in the year1942. venna lake is 2 km far from the city center in Mahabaleshwar. Many visitors visited veena lake because this lake is famous for boating. This is a nice spot for boating. If you are looking for boating then rates are ₹ 250 for 30 mins or ₹ 500 for 1 hour for Row Boat (Max 7 person) and ₹ 440 for 1 hour for peddling boat(Max 6 persons)  and you can also do horse riding within ₹ 100. There are many food items to eat at the side of venna lake and also there you can park your vehicle at ₹ 30. Many people come from Pune & Mumbai to enjoy their holiday.

4) Mahabaleshwar Temple:-

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Mahabaleshwar is famous for its devotional importance. Mahabaleshwar temple is a very old Shiva temple in the Mahabaleshwar area. If we see the history of the Mahabaleshwar temple then the temple is around 800 years old which is built in 1215 AD and there is a self-proclaimed (Swayambhu) shivling , which is 5000 years old as historical research which is also known as Mahabaleshwar shivling in the world. The structure of this temple is Hemadpanti architectural style. In the 16th century, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Restore this temple. Near of Mahabaleshwar temple, 5 rivers meet each other which is called Panchaganga. In these five rivers, there are Krishna, Koyna, Kavitri, Venna, Gayatri. The temple is located about 6 km from the main city, Local transports are easily available here to go to Mahabaleshwar temple.

5) Elephant’s Head Point and Kate’s Point:-

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The distance of Elephant’s Head Point and Kate’s Point to Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand is 7 km. The Kate’s point area has three Point they are – Kate’s Point, Echo Point, Elephant’s Head Point, or Needle Hole Point.

Kate’s Point is the most picturesque photograph of Mahabaleshwar. Kate’s Point named after the British Governor Sit John Malcolm’s Daughter but before kate’s point name of this place is Nake Khind which was given by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Dhom dam as well as peaks of Kamalgadh, and Madardeo can be seen from Kate’s Point. There is a market, lot to shop at Kate’s Point market.

Echo point returns back voice when shouted loudly into the valley. Elephant’s head point or needlepoint looks like an Elephant head and needle hole. Children can enjoy Camel, horse rides, merry-go-round, etc. It is among the best tourist places in Mahabaleshwar.

6) Wilson Point:-

Wilson point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar which is situated at an altitude of 1439 m. The distance of Wilson point to Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand is 2 km. Wilson point is also known as a sunrise point, at this point, you can see the best scenario of sunrise and sunset. This sunrise can attract you and from Wilson point, you can see an evergreen forest of Mahabaleshwar

Wilson Point is named after the governor of Bombay Sir Leslie Wilson. The original name of this point is Sindola Point. There are 3 towers are built in Wilson place, This tower provides the best scenario for Mahabaleshwar.

  • 1st Tower: – Sunrise and Polo ground can be seen from 1st
  • 2nd Tower: – Route to lingmala waterfall and Panchgani platue can see from 2nd
  • 3rd Tower:- Elphinstone Point, Old Mahabaleshwar, Cannought Peak Point can be seen from the 3rd   tower

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7) Arthur Seat Point:-

Arthur Seat Point is 13 km far from Mahabaleshwar city market, Arthur seat point is at a height of 1470 m from sea level. Although, Arthur Point is also called Queen of the Points and the Original name of Arthur Point is Madhi Mahal. This Point is named Aurther  Malet who lost his wife and 1-month-old daughter in an accident in Savitri River. Arther used to sit here and stare at the river. Beware of Monkeys here as they can grab your food.

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