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how indian cricket team starts and history of it

The beginning of Indian cricket: –

The beginning of the Indian cricket test is made in 1932. There is no shortage of fans of cricket in the world. Cricket is available all over the world. But if we say about Indian cricket, this game is as popular in England as it is in India. India has given more than one player to the cricket world and because of this cricket, is developing in India. But do you know what is the history of this Indian cricket team? Today, I will tell you how the foreign game has become its game.

The beginning of Indian cricket: –

You all know what cricket was born in England. England brought cricket to India in the year 1700. The first club in India, in 18, was opened by the Parsi community in Mumbai under the name of Oriented Cricket Club. Then after the dhimmi start, England called the Parsis to play cricket in Akhirkar 14. In the early 1900s, some Indian players went to play on behalf of the England team and some of those players were praised by the British. There are some names that you will know or not, Ranjitsinhji and C.S.Dulipsinhji are the names in whose names the Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy started being first-class competitions. In 1911, the Indian team left for Britain for their first official tour but played the match against the English county team.

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Indian team starts:

In 1926, India was invited by the Imperial Cricket Council (now ICC). Then after 6 years, India made their cricket debut in 1932. This tour was at Lord’s in their own home in England. Regarding the Indian team of 1932, CK Naidu was the captain of India. CK Naidu was the best Indian player of that era. His Indian team had to face defeat in the first match. India became the sixth team to have the right to test cricket.

Played his first home Test in 1933. In this series, Pahla has been held in Mumbai and another in Kolkata. England won the series 2–0, but Lala Amarnath of India scored his first century in his first home match. After that, the Indian team played a lot of matches between 1930 and 1940 but did not get a single victory. After 1940. Some years later, due to World War 2, there are no matches After becoming independent in 1947, the first Test series of Khilafa India was played in Australia. The captain of this team was Lala Amarnath. India faced a 4–0 defeat in that series. After this Australia series, West Indies opened a 5 match series in 1948, but in that also lost India 1–0.

indian cricket team touring england 1932
indian cricket team touring england 1932

India’s first win: –

India played 24 Test matches from 1932 to 1952 but did not get a single win. It took India 20 years to win its first match. 6 February 1952 was the day which was written in the history of India’s cricket history with the golden axes because India won their first match against England in 1952 and this match India won by an innings and 8 runs. Speaking of this match, match MA I am at Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. P.R.Umrigar scored the highest 130 runs in this match test.

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