best places in matheran

best places in matheran to visit in winter

In this blog I will guide you about best places in matheran and I will answer all your questions like when to leave? How to Reach? Sight Seeing points and its sequence, important tips, Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping. So let’s go start the blog and this matheran blog is also come in two parts like previous Lonavala blog.

best places in matheran
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best places in matheran

Matheran :-

Best Time to visit: – June to February is the best time because it starts raining in June and there would be greenery until February.

Days: – 3 days

Nearest Airport:-Mumbai (90 km) and Pune (116 km)

Nearest Railway Station: – Neral (11 km)

How to reach Matheran :-

By Air:- Mumbai Airport (90 km) is the nearest airport to reach matheran and Pune Airport (120 km) is also nearest airport to reach matheran. You can book cab or taxi and also go by bus from Mumbai Airport but as there is ban on vehicles, they will drop you off 3 km before Matheran.If you are from outside of maharastra then this option is good for you.

By Train: – Neral Railway station is nearest station to Matheran which at a distance of 10 km. Once you reach Mumbai or Pune, you can take the Karjat local train from Mumbai otherwise you can go by deccan express or sahyadri express.

You can get taxi from Neral to Matheran and they will charge up to ₹ 80 per head and other option is toy train. The journey of toy train will take about two hours, but the experience will be memorable for you by going through look of natural beauty.

By Road: – If you are going by own vehicle then this is also good option. However, you have to park your car at Dasturi point, only then you will be able to enter the city because vehicles are ban in matheran. You can take a state transport bus from Mumbai or Pune. MSRTC which is state transport bus provides ordinary and deluxe buses.

Where to stay and about lunch and dinner:-

In this journey you need at least 3 days or you can stay here more than 3 days. Now question is where to stay in matheran ?….. Ok I will guide you. The MTDC rest house is near to Dasturi Point. They are booked from the MTDC office in Mumbai. There are many hotels like Kumar Plaza, Westend , Premdeep, Girivihar, Lakshmi and Central. These hotels have rates ranging from ₹ 200 to ₹ 2,000 per day. For lunch or dinner you can go in Konkan Katta or Amantran Restaurant. In these Restaurants Non-veg dishes are delicious and Veg dishes also .But if you want pure veg restaurant then you will find many veg restaurant in Market.

Matheran is small but famous hill station which is in Raigad district, Maharastra and it also famous for its cool air because vehicles are not allowed here and so that increase the workout of your legs. Matheran has also been declared as environment sensitive area. Matheran is asia’s only auto mobile free hill station that’s why two-wheeled rickshaws pulled by horses and men have started attracting tourists. The British founded Matheran so they named most of the points in English and it is still the same today. This is a mountain range which is slightly separated from the main range of Sahyadri. Matheran is about 800 m above sea level. Matheran located in between Pune and Mumbai so these people mostly comes in holiday in Matheran. There are 38 points in matheran but I will tell about some important points. When you go to see matheran then you should follow this sequence. Only then will you be able to see the maximum points in less time, otherwise there will be a lot of points left due to lack time. So let me start with the first point

best places in matheran to visit:-

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1)    Panorama point:-

After car parking at dasturi naka, go see the Panorama Point. This point is at the northern end and has a valley to its east and west.  Panorama point is the point where you see 360 degree views that’s why its name panorama. Panorama point is at a distance of 5.5 km from market and 1.6 km from Dasturi naka. If you reach the Panorama in early morning, you can see the sunrise. You can see Vikatgad(Peb) fort in north of panorama point but to go there you have to take another road and  To the east of panorama point , you can see Neral, while to the west, you can Gadeshwar Lake. If you look down a little, you will see a magnificent idol of Kord Gabesha and this idol is called Kadyavarcha Ganapati.

2)    Monkey Point:-

To go to Monkey Point you have to come back Dsturi Naka and this point is at a distance of 1 km from Dasturi Naka. It will take around 1 hour to reach here from panorama Point. From Monkey Point you will see a very beautiful view of Dhodani village and Gadeshwar Pond. You can enjoy nature for some time.

3)    Maldoonga Point:-

Maldoonga Point is near of Monkey Point, means it is around 650 m distance in between these two points. You will see nice views of Maldoonga village from this point. After this point you can take stay for some time in Paymaster Park and if you are hungry, you can eat local things like Noodles, vadapav, chat, corn etc. from local people’s cart.

4)    Malet Spring:-

It will take 15 min to reach Malet Spring from Maldoonga Point. This place is waterfall of fresh water and this waterfall goes down to dhodani village and then water goes in the Gadeshwar Pond. After seeing scene of this waterfall all of your tidness will go away.

5)    Porcupine point:-

This point is the last point of day 1. Porcupine Point is also called Sunset Point because you can see beautiful views of sunset. You can see Prbalgad in the front of this Point. You will be tired from walking all day so you can sit here at this point and enjoy the sunset.



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