best places in lonavala

best places in lonavala to visit part 2


Lonavala Part 2–

Study nature.

Love nature,

Stay close to nature.

It will never fail you.

                                               – Frank Lloyd Wright

Hey , In previous blog we saw best places in lonavala like Bhushi Dam, Sunil’s Wax Museum,Rajmachi Fort and Kamshet Paragliding in Lonavala lovavala and In this part 2 blog, we are going to see Lion’s Point, Pavana Lake, Bhaja Caves, Lohgad abd Visapur Fort, Ekvira Aai Temple and Karla Caves.

1)   Lion’s Point:- Sunset , Photography

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If you are a nature lover or a mountain lover then you will definitely love this spot. Lion’s point is one of the best places in lonavala. It is about 10-12 km from Lonavala Railway Station and Ambi valley. Lion’s Point is between Bhushi Dam and Ambi Valley. This point is 650 m above from sea level. Possibly the weekend is very crowded here and if there is no rain, the crowd is less.

There is paid parking facility at Lion’s point. You must come early here if you want to avoid traffic on weekend. Especially people come here to see sunset, night sky view and natural sceneries. You will see many waterfall from here and you can also take beautiful photographs from this place. I think you will definitely enjoy this place.

2)   Pavana Lake:-

best places in lonavala
pavana lake

Pawna Lake is beautiful place for camping. Pawna lake is 55 km far from Pune and 105 km far from Mumbai.  You can go to Pavana lake on your own vehicle or by train, if you are going by train then you have to get off at kamshet railway station. Pavana Lake is at a distance of 18 km from Kamshet Railway station. You get any local transport from here. If we talk about camping, many groups are organize camping near Pavana Lake.

Pvana Lake mainly attracts tourists from Pune and Mumbai. Generally all camping side entry fee is ₹ 1300-₹ 1500 per head. If you are going to be in a group, you have a little bargain. There is beautiful sunset over Pavana Lake. There is also fun to sleep in tent and here you can play different games with your friends. You have BBQ for dinner and after dinner sitting by the bonfire, a concert of cool songs begins. You should enjoy camping once.

3)   Bhaja Caves:-

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Bhaje Caves are ancient Buddhist caves in the hills near Bhaje village and near Malavli village in Pune district of Maharastra. Bhaje Caves are at a distance of 60 km from Pune and 95 km from Mumbai. Malavli is nearest railway station to reach here. These caves are declared as a National Protected Monument in Maharastra on 26 may ,1909.

These caves are 2200 years old caves .  caves shows that the table is an instruction from India because the tabla is engraved in the caves. There are 22 caves in Bhaje and 14 Stupas in caves. The stupas are artifact of resident monks, who died at Bhaje. Bhaje caves is near of Bhaje waterfall, so you can enjoy here if you go in June-September.

4)   Lohagad and Visapur Fort:-

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A pair of forts stands nesr Malawali station near Lonavala. The main fort is Lohgad and Visapur is built next to it to strengthen and protect it. If you go a little further to Bhaje Caves , you will reach Lohgad and Visapur forts. Research shows that Lohagad fort is 2700 years old. These forts were crowded with trekkers and mountaineers. Both these forts are close to Pavana Dam.

In 1667 Shivaji Maharaj won Kalyan and Bhivandi area , in that Lohgad also include in Swarajya.There is a lot of things that you can see on the fort. Height of Lohgad is 3420 ft. and difficulty level of this fort is easy. On this fort, Hanuman Darwaza is very old door than other door. There are four doors on Lohagad which is Ganesh Darwaza, Narayan Darwaza, Hanuman Darwaza, Mahdarwaza. There are many structures worth seeing in this fort now.

Visapur fort is near of Lohagad fort. Height of Visapur Fort is 3500 ft. and difficulty level of this fort is medium. The fort has a cisterns, cave and old house. There is Maruti temple on the way to the fort. Any trekker would love to trek this fort because this fort is surrounded by forest and also there is a waterfall. The best season is monsoon to see these fort. If you are going to see any fort you should read about fort because of this increase the interest.


5)   Ekvira Aai Temple:-

best places in lonavala
ekvira devi temple

The ekvira Aai temple is located near the village of Lonavala in Maharastra, near the Karla CavesIt is at a distance of 8 km from Lonavala. Maharastra State Transport Board buses can be used to travel from Lonavala to Ekvira Temple. . Mainly Pepole of Agri-Koli community come here to worship the Goddess. This temple is on a hill. There are many steps to go up to then temple. This temple of Goddess Ekvira is surrounded by the Karla Caves. Devotees believe that this goddess has miraculous power.

6)   Karla Caves:-

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The Karle Caves are a group of 16 Buddhist caves, one of which is a chaityagriha and others are vihar. The cave based on the life of Bhuddha is located at a distance of 4-5 km from Malwli and 8 km from Lonavala in Pune district. You can walk from Malwli railway station. The Caves were excavated between the 1st century of BC to the 5th century of AD. In this caves you will find the couple’s sculpture, Chaitryagriha, Elephant sculptures and Marking of stupas and many more sculpture you will find. The Karla Caves probably have the largest number of Chaitya halls. You will love it when you actually see these caves, so definitely visit these caves.

These are the best places in lonavala to visit . At once you should visit lonavala in rainy season.

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